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Here is the scoop! I didn't just pick up a camera and say "I want to become a photographer." I actually had no idea that I would be a full blown business like I am today. After loosing everything in a fire, except my Canon Rebel film camera, I decided to take photography as an elective in college. It took many years, and tons of pep talks to get where I am today. Luckily for you, you don't have to loose all your possessions to get where I am! Enter, my one-on-one lessons for photography. If you are brand new to this game, or just need help to demystify all the technical jargon that comes along with photography, we can help you though it. I have enjoyed mentoring other starters and guiding them along the way. There is definitely no simply rise to the top, if you have dedication, a desire to learn and put time into practice, you can definitely get there faster than most. 

The elements we like to focus on are: 

Understand you camera

Lighting and techniques. 

Business, branding and marketing


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